To design and develop efficient, easy to operate, decentralized, cost-effective and environment-friendly technologies for the treatment of wastewater, contaminated groundwater and landfill leaches, producing effluents that conform to the increasingly demanding and stringent environmental standards.

BioCAST provides on-site solutions for the following:

  • Increasingly stringent environmental regulations: Evermore stringent environmental regulations promote the demand for a complete treatment of wastewater and contaminated groundwater in North America and around the world. In addition to the low concentrations of organic carbonaceous compounds, the new environmental standards demand considerable reductions in the concentrations of inorganic nitrogen and phosphorus before the effluent of treatment systems could be discharged into the receiving waters.
  • Escalated costs of improved water and wastewater treatment: More stringent standards and regulations have drastically increased the cost of treatment.
  • Deteriorating wastewater treatment plants: Overuse of existing plants by growing populations has affected their treatment efficiency, leading to the release of inadequately treated wastewater when equipment malfunctions or when volume capacity is exceeded. There is an urgent need for a more efficient and cost effective technology.
  • Adequate wastewater treatment: Obligation for any municipality or industry expansion.
  • BioCAST treatment systems can also be used as an add-on technology to the existing treatment installations for an upgrade or a retrofit, increasing their capacity while upgrading them to meet strict environmental regulations.