Are you interested in asking BioCAST to submit a budget proposal for a wastewater treatment project that uses no chemicals for a community, a company or a client? If so, please send us the following information so that we can properly assess your needs and get to know you better:
A. Your corporate profile
An Internet site describing your business activities would be appreciated. If you do not have one, explain to us in a few lines the nature and scope of the business you are involved in.
B. Application
What need does your request for a budget proposal pertain to? Is it a commercial, industrial, municipal, residential, military or other application? Please specify. Indicate also the source of the water to be treated:
I. Municipal wastewater
II. Agricultural wastewater
III. Landfill Leachate
IV. Agri-food industrial wastewater
C. The main design parameters
: Please specify the following:
1. Expected wstewater flow (in cubic meters per day).
2. Please specify the dimensions of the space available for a treatment facility:
o Total surface area ____________ m2
o Length ____________ m
o Width ____________ m
o Height ____________ m
3. Outside temperature range :
o Minimum temperature _______°C
o Maximum temperature _______°C
4. Effluent disposal capacity : __________ m3/day
D. A characterization of the raw wastewater to be treated
Forward to us the parameters of the bio-chemical composition of the water to be treated so that our experts can evaluate the complexity of the treatment in question. Please refer to the following link for a list of the parameters we ask you to submit to let us prepare a reliable assessment of your needs.
Water Characteristics (PDF)
E. Temperature range of water to be treated
Annual average: _______°C
Minimum temperature: _______°C
Maximum temperature: _______°C
F. Treatment standards to be met
The extensiveness of the wastewater treatment standards to be met directly affects the technical design criteria and, consequently, the price of a treatment plant. A thorough analysis of these parameters (see the table on the previous link) will enable us to propose a design of our technologies that is technically and economically effective in response to your specific needs. Should you not have any standards specific to your environment, we suggest you use the US EPA reference to come up with a brief evaluation of your requirements.
G. Power availability
We would like to know about the availability of a power source for your application. Can you count on a reliable and consistent power system, or do you anticipate having to use generators occasionally or frequently? What are the characteristics of the available power supply?
1. Voltage : _______volts
2. Max. amperage: _______amperes
3. Number of phases: ________phases
4. Frequency: ________Hz
H. Operation and maintenance of the plant
Please specify whether local resources are available to operate and occasionally maintain the plant or whether BioCAST will be called on to do so.
I. Site location and access
Indicate location for plant delivery and describe available site access (air, land and sea).
J. Delivery date
We ask that you indicate the approximate delivery timetable desired for the commissioning and operation of the plant.
K. Financing structure
We would appreciate knowing whether your project is private or public (governmental) in nature and if the financing structure has been confirmed. Please note that BioCAST will not provide any detailed specifications or total or partial price lists before having had an opportunity to thoroughly analyze the required information. We believe that foresight and safety go hand in hand when it comes to water treatment and public health.
Once the aforementioned information has been submitted to and validated by BioCAST, please allow 72 hours for an initial estimate to be sent to you. We look forward to serving you soon!